Friday, December 9, 2016

Happy News For Your Online Career

Hi Buddies 😍,
                    Me "Mian Baba", Founder & CEO of "Pakistan Educational Complex" Officially announcing the Final Date of Our Launch. As Our Team of Experts Have started working on it since last month and we hope the best output from them. Hopefully we will be launched officially on the "New Year Night" with Some Great Gift worth not less than $2000, for All the Followers and Subscribers.

Let me tell you some words about the "P.E.C". P.E.C was my Sole Struggle to Educate people online and Find them their Passion. When launched i find it very complicated but to keep my self with my target, i start helping and guiding people with a simple blog website. Right after 22 Months i change my mind and hire some experts to make the website a platform as i dream about.

So When the P.E.C Launches it will Help its visitors with every aspect of I.T, Freelancing, Online Business, Online Earning and will equip them with great courses which will make their career shine. The Website will be Free always but it will need your contribution and a valid profile to enjoy the benefits. Stay Connected to Our Blog and be the first to Avail the "New Year Night Gift".


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